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From today henceforth you should submit papers only after they have been checked thoroughly through this powerful platform.

Find the file that corresponds to the dictionary you want to exclude the word from. Right-click on the file and go to Open With > Notepad . In the notepad file, type the words you want to exclude. Put every word on a new line and make sure you include any apostrophe marks or other punctuation. When you’re ready, navigate to File > Save . Share Your Spell Checker and Dictionary Tips.

In this article, we’ve explained the most important features of Microsoft Word’s spell checker, then introduced you to some of the best ways to use the app’s dictionary feature.

Best Online Grammar Checker Tool. Grammar Checker helps users find and fix grammatical and stylistic issues in their articles or text. It is known for its capability to perform error detection for multiple languages which include English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Russian.

Here is what to expect from our website.

One of the biggest downfalls of spell checkers is their frequent inability to spot typos if the new word is still in the dictionary. For example, how many times do you accidentally type “latter” rather than “later” or “suing” rather than “using”? Word won’t bring your attention to the error because “latter” and “suing” are both real words. If you find yourself making the same errors with regularity, you can exclude the incorrect words from the dictionary. It forces Word to always mark them as incorrect.

If you want to disregard all suggestions, click ‘ignore this type of error.’ It is of utmost importance to review your document even after the amendments. Sometimes, a change in your sentence structure might lead to another issue. To scrutinize another assignment, go to the right side of the box where it is indicated “check another text.” The former information is going to be deleted, giving a room to paste something else.

Grammarly. Grammarly is one of the most accurate and sophisticated services you may use to perform spell, grammar check. The analysis of your possible mistakes is made on the basis of approximately 250 grammar rules so that even the minor errors would be noticed. Moreover, when you ask Grammarly “Check my grammar, please!” you get in-depth explanations of all the inaccuracies so that you have a chance to make your language perfect.

As a team behind invention of one of most efficient online software to correct grammar and spelling online, we pride ourselves by offering high-quality scanning algorithms that allows fixing 10-12 times more mistakes than standard MS Word spell-checker. Submit any text – an article, research assignment or written content of high complexity and receive highly detailed statistics. Our contextual English language corrector will help to eliminate grammar errors and provide instant solutions for tricky or rare spelling mistakes.


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