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So you’re interested in Wholefoods, Music, Art, Fitness, Holistic Health, Entertainment, Community Involvement and just the good ol’ grass roots kind of living?


That’s great so are we.


We’re for

The wanderlust, the wholesome kind, the gypsy, the artists, the hippy, the yogi, the muso, the rock stars, the healthy minded, the healers, movers, shakers and believers. We’re for those who like a festival, a market and a connected community to grow and flourish and to live our lives in true alignment with who we really are. We’re the conscious community and ‘here’ is where we share and connect “as one” to create a synergy effect for us all to enjoy, especially when we’re travelling.





Here’s how it works


Tree 4 Life is the ultimate conscious community Tree, 4 those of us who love a healthy, wholesome and fun Life.


Tree 4 Life helps you and your local area by serving these two main purposes.




Tree 4 Life helps members in our local community who love to live a conscious, wholesome, fun filled life but find it hard to keep up with everything that is on offer around them.


As a member it is FREE to get notified and hear it through “The Grapevine” in your chosen topics. Hear about the topics as they are listed and stay in the loop with all you love. Simply select your topics and the location/s you want to know about.


When travelling, take your favourite selections with you. Simply add a new location to your regions of interest and find the things you love wherever you are.


It’s local but national. You can find the Golden Leaves of society without your feet walking the forest floor. Have the knowledge of the locals wherever you go and find it easier to continue your lifestyle wherever you roam.

‘You’ – The Local Business

Tree 4 Life helps the people who offer society goods and services in one of our core branches be found. We like to refer to these guys as the ‘Golden Leaves of Society’ as they offer our communities something that is good for the body mind and soul.

Those of us who love what we do can list, be found, have a voice and be apart of a greater conscious community.


It’s Simple!! Local business owners connect their offers, events, produce, products and services straight to their community members who are interested in what they have to offer. This supports your business in a sustainable way, keeping your doors open in field of work you are passionate about. Thus, boosting everyone’s feel good factor!


With likeminded local customers receiving news and offers from your local business, you are helping communities flourish with people living what they love. Creating healthier, happier communities everywhere, that we all will benefit from. Not to mention, the animals and forests we also help save!






Whether you have lived there for a long time, just moved to town or have your travelling shoes on, Tree 4 Life will provide you with the things you love which are happening around you wherever you may be. As things are always on the move and forever changing Tree 4 Life is a tool to find the local leaves hanging from your local tree (your town) and the trees of the entire forest (your country).

Speaking of forest’s, that brings us to our closest living relative, who Tree 4 Life supports.




Help support our efforts.

  • Become a member today and get notified about what you love, IT’S FREE.
  • List your Business and be found by those who love what you offer and SUPPORT THOSE WHO REALLY NEED ‘A TREE 4 A LIFE’  AT THE SAME TIME.






Tree 4 Life is all about creating great communities, including healthy communities and healthy forests. We are all about helping those who don’t have a voice and who really need ‘A Tree 4 A Life’. To kick start our cause we will be donating a portion of paid listings to the Orangutan’s and it won’t stop there.



The more of us who utilise this site, the more businesses will list.

The more businesses who list as a ‘Golden Leaf’ on the ‘Ultimate Community Tree’ the more Orangutan’s, animals and forests we, ‘as a conscious community’ can save.



Plus just being a part of the Ultimate Community Tree and selecting what you want to hear about through ‘The Grapevine’ you will be placed into our monthly members raffle to win a cool little prize.


List your business on tree4 life and save the orangutan small





Tree 4 Life creates healthy, happier communities, helping people live what they love, follow their own path and move to their own beat.


Tree 4 Life is about finding the Golden Leaves of society without your feet walking the forest floor. It has been created so that we can have the knowledge of the locals where ever we go. These days we live in such a transient society. Traveling has become so easy and plays a huge part in our lives, but knowing what is good and suites your lifestyle when you reach your destination sometimes seems impossible to achieve.


By creating Tree 4 Life local businesses from around our nation now have a tool to upload their information, so that we all know what is good, (and good for us) what is going on within the community and where to find the simple things like; good healthy produce and cafes, live gigs, 2nd Hand stores, events, classes, holistic health options, the list goes on and on.


Tree 4 Life is like the meeting tree to gather around, to find out who is doing what for who in their community and beyond. It sticks to the core fundamental branches that have always made up a great tribe. The grass roots, including;

  • joining in and being a part of something greater around you,
  • art,
  • music,
  • entertainment,
  • environmental causes,
  • enjoying the goodness of whole foods that surround us,
  • holistic / natural health
  • & to keep us fit and healthy the sports, recreation and leisure activities,

Nothing more and nothing less was needed to fulfil a happy and balanced life. It’s about getting back to basics and rediscovering what matters and what keeps us happy.


Tree 4 Life understands that to fulfil this balance and find the great stuff around us takes time and local knowledge. Tree 4 Life’s intention, is to be the key to unlock the kingdom of local knowledge. Creating a synergy effect for all corners of the world to benefit from. Keeping it easy to stay fit, strong, happy, and healthy wherever we are.


By coming together as a conscious community and showcasing what great things you offer your community, together as a whole we can help by giving back to our forests and animals that are in great need of our help. Tree 4 Life will give a portion of all paid listings to causes that benefit our environment, forests and animals in need. Together we can make a difference. ‘To see the change, lets be the change’.





tree4life mum behind the missionHello Friends, Members and Guests,

As a lover of healthy foods, yoga, festivals, fun, creativity, connected communities, live music, (live anything really) all things holistic, esoteric, artistic and anything else to keep my firey spirit burning bright and to mellow it out when it needs cooling down, I wanted and needed something to notify me of all the great stuff that surrounds me.


Whether it be where I find the fresh local produce, holistic treatments /offers or what the next gig was travelling through town. As a busy mum of 4 beautiful, wild, free and crazy hearts, it became hard to keep up with all the things which I love within my community.


So why not get notified about it, let it find us, make it easier on ourselves to stay in our flow and relieve a bit of pressure. After searching online to find what I was looking for to no avail, I created it.


I wanted to create a directory for all things hip, fun, healthy and good for us and our environment. But instead of just a directory, I want to create something that we can all feed off to let the people of all communities know what is going on in the topics they love. Helping everyone live out more aligned and happy lives.



Tree 4 Life is a hub for those of us who offer the good stuff. The healthy, fun and creative stuff which sticks to the core branches that have always made up a great tribe. The grass roots. It’s not a local directory for hairdressers and plumbers, there’s plenty of them. It’s a local directory for the good, the fun and the wholesome things which keeps us happy and healthy. It’s a local directory that travels with you.



Whether you are eighty or eighteen it’s nice to be surrounded with people interested in the same kind of stuff as you. I believe everyone has a purpose and something to offer their communities and when we follow our purpose we find a path full of gratitude, love and happiness.


So this is it, this is the movement forward, this is our community tree for the conscious to connect to what they love, and to all the beautiful people who put so much of their time, love and passion in offering something of quality for our body mind, spirit and environment to keep evolving, glowing and growing, this is for you, to connect your gifts, products, services and events to the world that surrounds you and loves what you offer.


It is a directory, but one with a huge difference, Tree 4 Life puts you first. 


Join the movement forward, enjoy, share and help co-create this community for the conscious, as I know it will benefit the strong, the weak, the lost, and the found in all of our communities be connected to a more aligned and loving version of themselves.


I believe we all want less of the faceless business, we want to connect to who we are doing business with and see that they are real just like you. So put yourself out there and connect with those who are waiting to hear from you. With a grateful heart, I hope you enjoy been apart of this conscious community keeping you in the loop with all you love. As I too have a passion, and this is it.


Love, Light and of course Laughter,

Melinda Stacey

Founder of Tree 4 Life

– The Conscious Community Tree






If you feel we have missed a great idea for a new category or you feel you should be in this mix, we are happy to take a look at it by sending us through an email by the link below.


We hope you thoroughly enjoy hangin’ out in the Ultimate Community Tree!