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Tree 4 Life is the Ultimate Community Tree for us humans to enjoy, but we would also like to help humans most closest living relatives who really need a Tree4Life. In Malay and Indonesia ORANG means “person” and UTAN is derived from HUTAN, which means “forest.” Thus, orangutan literally means “person of the forest.

“Due to rapid increase of logging and palm oil companies, the orangutangs of borneo have had 80% of the suitable habitat already lost. Along with the decline in their habitat Bornean orangutangs have declined by more than 50% in the past 60 years.” From the orangutang project (TOP).

Tree 4 Life is all about creating a community tree we can thrive in and become our best by living in alignment with who we really are and finding like minded people to share it with. That is why we would like to help our closest living relatives sustain ‘A Tree 4 Life’ and we will donate a percentage of all our paid memberships to help these beautiful creatures from becoming extinct, and maintain their natural habitat so that they too can thrive! This way we all win, we can help pay it forward to those who really need “A Tree 4 Life”.

  • The businesses win as they have direct contact with the product they have on offer , to those who are interested in it.
  • The members win as they are kept in the know of what they love.  Keeping themselves fit, healthy, happy, having fun and enjoying life.
  • The Orangutans win, as not only are we creating communities that are connected in the Ultimate community tree to live out healthier and happier lives, but we are also helping all of our community give a tree 4 life to those who call them home.